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Cricut Rewards Member Agreement and Program Rules

Please read these Program Rules carefully before accessing, using, or registering for membership in the Provo Craft Cricut Rewards Program (Cricut Rewards).  By accessing, using, or registering for the Cricut Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below, as if you had actually signed them. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth below, you may not use Cricut Rewards.

You acknowledge and agree that this Member Agreement and these Program Rules is a legally binding contract between you and Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. (Provo Craft).  Provo Craft may modify the terms and conditions of this Member Agreement as described below, and you agree to familiarize yourself with any modifications.

1.         The Provo Craft Cricut Rewards membership is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada who, at the time of registration, are 13 years of age or older.  By joining Cricut Rewards, you represent that you are 13 years of age or older and you agree that you are bound by the Rules of the Cricut Rewards program.  Your Cricut Rewards membership is subject to present and future Cricut Rewards terms, conditions, procedures, regulations, and program rules.

2.         The Cricut Rewards program is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.  Each household may maintain only one Cricut Rewards account. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities cannot enroll as Cricut Rewards members.

3.         Employees of Provo Craft, and its subsidiaries are ineligible to participate in Cricut Rewards as well as others who are eligible for employee-based discounts.

4.         Accrued points do not constitute property of the member. Points accrued by a Cricut Rewards member are for the member's benefit only and any membership or points are nontransferable. Points are transferable to a legal spouse or partner only in the case of documented death of the member. Points are not transferable to another person for any other reason, including divorce or inheritance.  Certificates are property of Provo Craft; copying and/or duplication of certificates is prohibited.  The points have no cash value and are only redeemable for offered rewards through the Cricut Rewards program.

5.         Respecting your privacy is a priority for us. However, in order to keep you apprised of your Cricut Rewards membership status, it is important that we send you certain program information necessary for administration; printed or email marketing materials from Cricut and/or Provo Craft which will inform you of special offers and products we believe would be of interest to you. The information you provide to us when enrolling in Cricut Rewards and redeeming points is processed in our computer system in the United States.  As a participant in Cricut Rewards, you have consented to receive all of the kinds of information described above. However, you will be given the opportunity to opt-out of e-mails from Cricut and/or Provo Craft.  Your information will not be shared with third parties.  Provo Craft, as part of the Cricut Rewards program, does not intend to collect any personal information for individuals under thirteen (13) years of age.  In the event any personal information from individuals under thirteen (13) years of age is collected, such information will not be disclosed to any third party by Provo Craft. 

6.         You may cancel your membership by notifying Provo Craft, in writing, at the address listed below.  In addition, any name or address changes must be made by contacting:
Cricut Rewards Program
151 East 3450 North

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Telephone: 877-727-4288

Fax: (801) 794-9001

Name changes must include supporting legal documentation, signature, and date.

7.         Participation in the Cricut Rewards program is subject to all Program Rules that Provo Craft may, in its discretion, adopt from time to time. Provo Craft may amend the Program Rules at any time without notice. Provo Craft has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules.

8.         Participants are responsible for shipping and handling costs associated with the delivery of redeemed merchandise.  The shipping and handling cost includes certain processing and material costs. 

9.         Each Provo Craft and Cricut product is indentified with a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number.  Each account may redeem a given SKU number only once. 

10.       The accumulation of points is subject to the Cricut Rewards Program Rules. Each member is responsible for understanding his or her rights, responsibilities, and status in the program. 

11.       The rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at Provo Craft’s sole discretion, with or without notice. The number of points required to redeem any reward may be increased, any reward may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any reward or its redemption may be imposed at any time.

12.       The right to earn points and redeem the points for rewards may end with or without prior notice from Provo Craft, no matter the extent of member participation in the program.   

13.       An account may be closed at Provo Craft’s discretion if no points are accrued during a twelve (12) month period. All points in the account will be forfeited at that time.

14.       Cricut Rewards points, and rewards earned through participating in Cricut Rewards may be subject to tax liability. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt or use of Cricut Rewards points, or rewards is the sole responsibility of the member.

15.       In the case of fraud or abuse involving Cricut Rewards, point credit, or reward use Provo Craft reserves the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, and all points earned through Cricut Rewards may be forfeited and the account closed.

16.       By registering in the Cricut Rewards program, each Cricut Rewards member agrees that Provo Craft and each of their respective agents, representatives, parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and legal advisors, and each of their respective employees, shareholders, officers, and directors are not responsible or liable for, and shall be released and held harmless from: (i) late, lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected or otherwise, mail, packages, or other correspondence; (ii) any condition caused by events beyond the control of Provo Craft that may cause the Cricut Rewards program to be disrupted or otherwise; (iii) any printing, human, typographical or other errors or ambiguities in (or involving) any materials associated with the Cricut Rewards program; and (iv) any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and action of any kind in connection with or resulting from registering, enrolling, or participating in the Cricut Rewards program.

17.       All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of the Cricut Rewards program, or the rights and obligations of any Cricut Rewards program member in connection with the Cricut Rewards program, shall be governed by, and construed pursuant to the sole discretion of Provo Craft.

18.       Each Cricut Rewards member agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use as provided and stated at www.provocraft.com and such Terms of Use are specifically incorporated by reference into this Member Agreement and Program Rules.


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